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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program


The Western New England Psychoanalytic Society (WNEPS) is pleased to announce the start of a new, two-year certificate program in psychodynamic psychotherapy. This program will be taught and supervised by members of the WNEIP faculty. We think it will be an excellent opportunity both for clinicians who are recent graduates of training programs who want to increase their skills in psychodynamic psychotherapy as well as for mid-career clinicians who want to develop and deepen their psychotherapy practices.


The Two-year Studies in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program consists of three components:

  1. Classes: classes will be held one night per week during the academic year, with two 90 minute classes per night. Topics will include psychoanalytic theory, beginning and ending treatment, ethics, treatment theory, child development and psychopathology. Case conferences, in which students and faculty present on-going cases will be an integral part of the classroom experience.
  2. Personal Psychotherapy: In order to be an effective psychodynamic psychotherapist, we believe that one must have experiences being a patient and have some familarity with one's own unconscious processes. If you have not previously been in psychodynamic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, we will ask that you begin such a treatment by the time you enter the Program.
  3. Supervision: Supervision of two on-going psychotherapy cases from your practice will be required. You will have one supervisor for the first year and one supervisor for the second year.


Admission requirements include graduation from a clinical training program, license to practice in the state of Connecticut, and some previous psychotherapy training and current experience. Participants will also need to have the ability to see individual psychotherapy patients, either in a private practice or clinic setting. Please see the brochure for more detailed admission requirements. 


When you have completed the 2-year program you will receive a certificate in “Studies in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy”


  1. Application fee $50
  2. Tuition $1800 per year, payable in two installments
  3. Supervision fees will be arranged individually with each supervisor


Thank you for your interest. For further information or to obtain an application, please contact the program director:
Robert White, at robertswhite@comcast.net or at 203-214-8768.

The program brochure can be downloaded here.

If you would like to talk this over with any member of the Committee, please feel free to contact us:

Robert White, Chair @ 203.214.8768

Susan Bers @ 203.562.4461

Angelica Kaner @ 203.776.1499

Fred Koerner @ 203.783.8052

Janet Madigan (consultant for child development)